• my dog died of Provo how long before it is safe to get a new dog without worrying that he will get it?

    i had a black lab that died in july of the provo virus and would like to get another puppy but i have heard different things on how long to wait. anyone have any idea?

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  1. Parvo can live in soil for as long as three years.
    Get an adult dog that has had all it’s shots, or wate at least three years before introducing a new puppy to the premises.

  2. It’s called PARVO. How did it attain the disease? If you never had him vaccinated against it, then you should never get another puppy as you murdered yours.

    If he had the illness when you got him, then speak with your vet.

  3. Check with your local rescues. I have a parvo survivor for adoption. Find a survivor in rescue and adopt him. Once he’s had it he won’t get it again and you will understand the horrible time he had. Parvo survivors truly realize they were saved.

  4. Great Dane Lady said on

    Articles on the net say to wait 6-9 months. Parvo can live that long in your yard and in your house.
    We just had a foster parent whose pup died of Parvo. The vet told her to not have a dog under the age of 1 for a year.
    Why not adopt an older dog who has had his vaccines at least 2 weeks in advance of moving in with you?

  5. andicohoon707 said on

    Before you consider getting another pet, make sure that you can provide not only food, but medical attention as well. Vaccinate your dog!

    Puppies are prone to getting parvovirus, especially when not vaccinated.

    First, clean all the hard surfaces with bleach, especially the floors. It will help considerably.

    If you have carpet, you can Lysol it.

    Basically, you want to treat your house like a quarantine zone and try to disinfect everything.

    Throw away your old puppies things… toys, bed, collar.

    How long you have to wait will greatly depend on how good of a cleaning job you have done. If you do a good job, you can wait about a year.

  6. HarleyMan said on

    This is an awful death for a dog!

    Make sure if you get another one you vaccinate the poor thing!

  7. dont listen to some of the people on here anyway…. i would take the 1st persons advice and get an adult dog about 2-4 years old whos had all of its shots but if you want a puppy then id defianely wait about 3-4 years to get rid of it just to be on ythe safe side
    sorry to here about this!!

  8. engfoxhound1979 said on

    Parvo Virus can live in the environment for several years. You can get a new dog immediately if it is over 1 year old, been vaccinated against parvo, or is a parvo survivor.

    It is important to realize that because the canine parvovirus is so hardy in the environment, it is considered “ubiquitous.” This means that NO ENVIRONMENT is free from this virus unless it is regularly disinfected.

    Outdoor decontamination:

    Freezing is completely protective to the virus. If the outdoors is contaminated and is frozen, one must wait for it to thaw out before safely introducing a new puppy.

    Shaded areas should be considered contaminated for seven months.

    Areas with good sunlight exposure should be considered contaminated for five months.

    Indoor decontamination:

    Indoors, virus loses its infectivity within one month; therefore, it should be safe to introduce a new puppy indoors one month after the active infection has ended.

  9. Bleach babe!!! I lost a rottie a few years back from Parvo. Bleach will kill and you should check the yard also.

  10. justasweetestthing said on

    First, it’s Parvo. Look it up on the net and I am sure you will find the answer. It’s usually from eating another dog’s poop that had it but it didn’t show in that dog, something like that.